KMC Controls: Revolutionizing Building Automation with the KMC Commander

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Richard Newberry, CEO, KMC ControlsRichard Newberry, CEO
Building automation is all about identifying the right technologies and implementing them most aptly. There are several facets to it, such as automatic centralized control of a building’s ventilation, lighting, heating, conditioning, and other systems. The insurgence of predictive and prescriptive analytics and machine learning is a breakthrough in workflow operations, especially when it comes to designing and constructing buildings and other infrastructures. By putting these technologies into place, KMC Controls® provides open, secure, and easy-to-use IoT and building and automation technology solutions.

“We aim to grow beyond smart buildings and offer solutions for genius buildings, by effectively utilizing the power of data that has proliferated into the open-source software and also taking advantage of the lower costs of sensors,” states Richard Newberry, the CEO of KMC Controls.

The company offers products that are aimed at making work easier for its partners by employing state-of-the-art technologies. KMC Controls pays special attention to customers’ requirements and meets those with solutions that are easy to purchase, install, and use. It’s not just the solutions but also a dedicated team who ensure the successful implementation of their products. One of the bellwether solutions of the company to optimize processes and increase efficiency in the building automation space is the KMC Commander.

Designed specifically for owners and facilities managers, the KMC Commander allows customers to execute their energy efficiency strategy incrementally, first by utilizing an open platform and services architecture.
The KMC Commander seamlessly integrates building optimization solutions and building operations requirements by optimizing energy usage and reducing wasted time and physical resources by providing real-time, actionable data relevant to occupants, technicians, and building owners. The KMC Commander leverages the latest technologies to integrate with both legacy and newer IoT protocols that sensors, equipment, and controls use. It normalizes all data using industry-leading Haystack tagging and connects all sensors, building systems, and devices to the cloud, making it simple to transfer data and controls across disparate sub-systems, regardless of whether the edge devices use open or proprietary protocols. The KMC Commander seamlessly communicates with any system over BACnet, Modbus, or SNMP protocols to identify them and display the data on a responsive dashboard via cards and decks. The KMC Commander processes data on energy usage and ambient conditions in real-time. The KMC Commander monitors the performance of the systems and facilities as well as the interactions between them. The KMC Commander can alarm any fluctuations in the system.

The KMC Commander is the only platform in the industry that encrypts all communications by default. It uses HTTPS with 2048-bit certificates over SHA256 for all communications between the building and the cloud. In addition, all internal cloud communications between the microservices, web servers, and data stores are also over HTTPS. Unique in the industry, it does not require any inbound firewall ports to be opened in order to deploy the system or for users to access the cloud functionality. All communication is outbound-only up to the cloud, ensuring maximum security. All data is stored on a password-protected gateway inside the network or inside a secure network on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Built on a Dell gateway, it is state-of-the-art using a Snappy Ubuntu read-only filesystem to prevent code modification, and a network whitelist to prevent unauthorized access. Data in the cloud is secured via custom firewall rules, HTTPS for all communications, and optional full-disk encryption.

Access to the cloud application is restricted to users granted access via role-based security and optional two-factor authentication. The cloud is deployed to AWS regions that maintain ISO 27001, SOC 1, SOC 2/SSAE 16/ISAE 3402, and FISMA Moderate certifications. KMC Controls is pursuing ISO-27001 certification to provide an additional layer of certification, and it currently surpasses all relevant best-practices in the industry by utilizing need-based access controls to all internal systems, and mandatory two-factor authentication for all staff with elevated access.

KMC Controls’ solutions enhance the efficiency of buildings, reduce energy usage, increase comfort and convenience of residents, and drive an all-round value for real estate. With KMC Commander and other solutions, the company establishes value-based relationships with customers and also offers assistance and training to them. Several organizations are also developing additional SaaS solutions on the KMC Commander to help customers further to improve and generate greater revenue.

KMC Controls is steering ahead to grow in multiple channels, including their historical presence as the operational technology (OT) channel of systems integrators and OEM customers. The company is looking forward to expanding IT markets of managed service providers. KMC Controls is revolutionizing IoT in the real estate sectors. KMC Controls is further focused on partnering with various analytics software companies to open up the data from KMC Commander through an open API.

“We help customers realize the benefits of technology for genius buildings, with greater ROIs via reduction of energy usage, efficient operations, and comfort and security for them,” concludes Newberry.
- Michael Rosario
    November 13, 2019
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KMC Controls

New Paris, IN

Richard Newberry, CEO

KMC Controls offers best-in-class building automation technology solutions to create genius buildings and infrastructures. The company has perfectly amalgamated technology into their innovative solutions for system integrators, system distributors, IT providers, and OEM providers. With its solution platform KMC Commander and other solutions such as KMC Converge, KMC Conquest, KMC Connect, KMC ConnectLite, and KMC TotalControl, the company offers energy efficiency, and effectively automates and controls building systems. Its solutions are easy to purchase, install, and use and are cost-effective as well for businesses of all sizes. All its solutions are customer-centric and offer value through every implementation, while being one of the pioneers in providing scalable building automation solutions

KMC Controls

"Our solutions are the best on the market because we have people who provide unmatched responsiveness and support"

- Richard Newberry, CEO

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